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UNSW Art & Design’s ‘Animate Me’ Showcase Spotlights Mental Health & Wellbeing

We recently came across some animations created by incredibly talented students from UNSW Art & Design. These varied animations uniquely portray and explore the different type of factors that affect the mental health and wellbeing of students. With mid-sem break gradually rolling to a close, we have listed our top 3 favourites and our key takeaways from each one.

  1. Universe Sleep: long by Amy Vuong

Our key takeaway:

Studies show that students who had 7 hours of sleep, the night before their exam saw a 10% higher uplift in their results in comparison to students who had less sleep. As Amy notes, sleep is extremely important especially if you want to retain things like your decision-making ability. (We also unpacked the importance of sleep especially when doing exam preparations here).

2.  Talent without discipline… by Jeremy Chung

Our key takeaway:

Remember our blog post about how to use your mid-sems wisely? In this short clip, Jeremy encapsulates the importance of having balance in your day-to-day routine. If you don’t want to be an octopus on roller skates, planning is your best friend! If you need more help on getting started, we highly recommend that you pay UNSW Learning Centre, a visit after this break is over.

3. Exercise to beat stress by Karen De Lara

Our key takeaway:

Exercise is a great way to lower stress levels. Whether it be biking, swimming or tennis, your physical health is very much intertwined with your mental health! You can read our tips on what other physical activities that you can incorporate into your routine here.

Watch the rest of the amazing animations here.

Take care and see you for our next blog post.



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