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3 Ways to be there for a friend who is doing it tough

We’ve talked a lot about the things we can do to improve our own mental health, but how can we be there for our family and friends?

Here are 3 simple ways you can support your loved ones.


1. Asking open-ended questions

When engaging a loved one in a conversation that’s in relation to their mental health, try to keep the questions neutral and open-ended. By doing so, you are enabling them to express themselves without being influenced by external factors in a non-judgmental environment.



2. Hugs

Hugs are not only scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety through releasing oxytocin, but it’s also a great way to show someone you truly care about them and their wellbeing.



3. Listening:

Being supportive of a loved one doesn’t always require you to give them the most professional advice. Instead, sometimes it means a lot more just to know that you’re willing to listen with an open mind.









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