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Happy end of mid-sem break: Here are 5 cats and doggos just for you

Yes, you read that title right. We only have a few weeks of this semester left and we all know the feeling of major assessments lurking in the corner. Take this Sunday night to relax and recharge. With mid-sem break now winding to a close, we wanted to send a few cute cats and dogs... Continue Reading →

3 Activities you can do to de-stress

Now that the break has begun, and all the craziness that comes with uni has come to a pause, what more of a perfect time is it to invest in ourselves? So,  why not kick off the week with some self-care? Here are 5 simple activities that anyone can do to de-stress! Yoga There are a... Continue Reading →

3 UNSW Events to check out this mid-sem break

According to a recent survey conducted by headspace, close to 70% of Australian university students rated their mental health as ‘poor’ with many having thoughts of self-harm and suicide. With heavy workloads and looming headlines, many are citing this to have damaging effects on their mental health. With the mid-sem break underway, we know that... Continue Reading →

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