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The Mental Health Toolkit Overview

So, with all the information we’ve shared in the last couple of weeks we hope that you have an insight to what mental health looks like at UNSW. Overall the Mental Health Toolkit just aims to assist students by keeping them informed and aware of their mental health along with the stigma and how to... Continue Reading →

It’s okay not to be okay

We all know how difficult it is to accept our negative feelings. Despite how everyone tells you it's normal human behaviour. This is why, we all need an occasional reminder to put our thoughts back into perspective. And here's our little reminder for you. That's it's okay to not be okay. That your feelings are just... Continue Reading →

Review of Stress Less Week: Part 1

And that’s a wrap for Stress Less Week 2018!!   How did we all find it? I know for me personally, the events this year definitely took some weight off my shoulders. Looking back, I’m sad to admit that this was actually the first stress less week I’ve attended (despite being a 4th year student).... Continue Reading →

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