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The Mental Health Toolkit Overview

So, with all the information we’ve shared in the last couple of weeks we hope that you have an insight to what mental health looks like at UNSW. Overall the Mental Health Toolkit just aims to assist students by keeping them informed and aware of their mental health along with the stigma and how to... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Toolkit – Part 2 – What is NavigateMe?

It's midweek and you've got a major assignment due on Saturday which you haven't started because of your high university workload and family issues. You're physically exhausted and mentally drained, so you begin feeling stressed with no idea what to do or where to find help on campus. You're also too embarrassed to seek help... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to declutter your mind

Keep a gratitude log Did you know that being continuously grateful has been scientifically proven to reduce depression and anxiety, promoting healthy thoughts and positivity? It's true! Being grateful enables us to be less resentful, meaning it minimises the build-up of toxic emotions. Additionally, it also encourages us to think on the bright side in bad... Continue Reading →

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