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Mental Health Toolkit – Part 2 – What is NavigateMe?

It’s midweek and you’ve got a major assignment due on Saturday which you haven’t started because of your high university workload and family issues.

You’re physically exhausted and mentally drained, so you begin feeling stressed with no idea what to do or where to find help on campus.

You’re also too embarrassed to seek help from any counselling services or from your friends.

So, what can you do?

NavigateMe the university’s new initiative aims to sort all these issues in one place.

Logging on is easy and can be done through the UNSW website. (

Nav me home

Once in you choose your faculty and will be met by a page where you choose from five categories.

NAv me.png

Picking a bubble will determine the sorts of questions you’ll be asked in order to better understand your situation.

NAv me 4

After answering the questions about your personal life and study life a tailored printable action planned is created in order to help you stay on track.

In your case the question titled, ‘what should i do if i’m ill and need to apply special considerations’.

NAv me action plan

And from that you get an extension till next week :p

Ever wondered where the best places to chill and clear you mind are on campus?

Then keep in touch till next time.





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