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The Mental Health Toolkit Overview

So, with all the information we’ve shared in the last couple of weeks we hope that you have an insight to what mental health looks like at UNSW.

Overall the Mental Health Toolkit just aims to assist students by keeping them informed and aware of their mental health along with the stigma and how to support themselves at university.

Its dimensions look like this:

If you’re not feeling well should you consider seeking help?

  • Yes

What is the mental health stigma?

Where can I clear my mind on campus?

Where is the Counselling service and how do I get in contact?

  • They’re located on level 2, East Wing of the Quadrangle Building.
  • Their contact number is Phone: + 61 2 9385 5418 and their email is

And lastly, how do we put this all together?

There you go! Altogether the mental health toolkit is a practical guide on how to support your mental health at UNSW.



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