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Top 4 Apps for your Mental Health

  1. Headspace:


  • A great meditation app for beginners
  • Great way to reduce anxiety or improve sleep
  • Includes a wide selection of exercises for every theme
  • Sessions can be as short as 3 minutes or as long as 20, enabling it to be flexibly modified to suit your schedule




  • A free relaxation app that includes meditation exercises, relaxing music, masterclasses and so much more
  • Offers ‘sleep stories’ which are fantastic for preparing you for bed and helping you sleep
  • Great way to wind down before bed and stress and anxiety


3. Moodpath:


  • A great tool that asks daily questions to help you to become more aware of your emotions
  • Provides a psychological analysis of your mood
  • Offers psychological exercises to help you along your mental health journey


4. iMood Journal:


  • An electronic journal that tracks your mood, sleep, medication and energy patterns so that you can develop a better understanding of what triggers a your mood.
  • Packages the data collected from your information in an attractive and comprehensible format to allow easy analysis



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