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3 Ways to be there for a friend who is doing it tough

We've talked a lot about the things we can do to improve our own mental health, but how can we be there for our family and friends? Here are 3 simple ways you can support your loved ones.   1. Asking open-ended questions When engaging a loved one in a conversation that's in relation to... Continue Reading →

The Mental Health Toolkit Overview

So, with all the information we’ve shared in the last couple of weeks we hope that you have an insight to what mental health looks like at UNSW. Overall the Mental Health Toolkit just aims to assist students by keeping them informed and aware of their mental health along with the stigma and how to... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Apps for your Mental Health

Headspace: A great meditation app for beginners Great way to reduce anxiety or improve sleep Includes a wide selection of exercises for every theme Sessions can be as short as 3 minutes or as long as 20, enabling it to be flexibly modified to suit your schedule   2.Calm: A free relaxation app that includes meditation exercises,... Continue Reading →

Best Places to Unwind on Campus

Whether you’re stressed, worried or just looking for a good place to unwind we have the best places on campus where you can relax and take it all in. Scientia Lawn If you’re after nice patch of greenery surrounded by some modern and not so modern architecture, then this is the place for you. The... Continue Reading →

“How ‘Mad’ Are You?” SBS Recap

When we first heard that SBS would be making a series entitled, “How ‘Mad’ Are You?” there were a few raised eyebrows. Upon watching the trailer and reading the general synopsis, we were curious to see whether this limited-time series would truly help destigmatise talking about mental health especially given the title and reality- show... Continue Reading →

It’s okay not to be okay

We all know how difficult it is to accept our negative feelings. Despite how everyone tells you it's normal human behaviour. This is why, we all need an occasional reminder to put our thoughts back into perspective. And here's our little reminder for you. That's it's okay to not be okay. That your feelings are just... Continue Reading →

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