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Welcome to ‘Your Mind Matters Too’!

This is a student-led initiative that aims to support the students of UNSW and tackle the stigma that is attached to mental health.

As students ourselves, we understand the stress and pressure that comes along with university. This is why we aspire to help students like you in achieving your academic and personal goals by promoting a healthy mind.

On this platform, you will be able to find:

  • How-to guides to help you manage stress and get around your busy schedules
  • All you need to know guides on how to relax on campus
  • Useful information certified by psychologists and counselors to help you understand your mind better

But wait, that’s not everything! That’s right, we are bringing help and guidance directly to you through multiple accessible platforms so we can ensure your needs are met.

  • Refer to our Facebook page to participate anonymously in our Q&A forum, where we answer all of your questions.
  • Refer to our Instagram page and get ready to be inspired!

Surf School

Let’s start this journey together and start supporting each other!





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